General Questions

1.1 What is Eco Bandage?
ECO BANDAGE is a Brush On Liquid Bandage in a Bottle.
1.2How do you use it?
Just brush it directly onto a closed cut or scrape. Reapply as needed until the wound heals.

See our demo video on our home page!
1.3 How do you remove it?
Use an oil-based product and apply with a cotton ball. We like coconut oil. It sloughs off naturally as the skin heals.
1.4 Who can use this?
1.5 Does it sting?
ECO BANDAGE is for closed cuts and scrapes. For use when your cut has stopped bleeding and the wound is closed.

Our formula does contain antiseptic which means if you use it on a fresh cut, it will sting briefly.

The sting ensures it's clean!

Orders & Shipping

2.1. Are there product bundle options?
Yes! We have a Mix & Match Bundle!
Choose any 4 for $20 and enjoy FREE SHIPPING!
Discount will reflect in the shopping cart.
2.2. When will my order ship?
Your order will ship one month after our official pre-launch.
2.3. Is free shipping available?
Free Shipping is available with our Mix & Match bundle option. See question 2.1 for details.
2.4. What are the conditions for returns?
Any returns will be paid for by the customer and should be sent back to us in their original condition and packaging.

Have any other questions?

Have any other questions?