Revolutionizing Wound Care

Kiowa Kavovit (17) imagined bandages differently and wanted to create a colorful brush on bandage that would "feel just like skin". Kiowa pitched her idea on Shark Tank, which would be daunting for any kid but not Kiowa. Many people believe that the appearance on Shark Tank was the beginning of our success, but it was really the beginning of our family's entrepreneurial journey to create a better bandage for us, for you and for our planet!

What began as a bandage for kids...

At the young age of 6 years old Kiowa Kavovit pitched her invention, Boo Boo Goo, a colorful paint on bandage to the Sharks on the hit ABC TV show.

Became a bandage for everyone!

Eco Bandage was created with sustainability in mind! 6 Billion sticker bandages end up in our landfills and oceans every year. Our mission is to reduce this by offering an Earth Friendly, Zero Waste sticker bandage alternative that is safe for everyone! Our colors come from Mother Nature, our ingredients are biodegradable & we use a recyclable and / or biodegradable brush, cap, shipping materials & labels so you can feel good about your choice!

A first in First-Aid

Eco Bandage is an affordable and convenient sticker bandage alternative for families, schools, athletes, professionals, & adventurers of all kinds! Our waterproof seal prevents bacterial contamination killing 99.9% of germs giving you peace of mind you're protected with Eco Bandage!

Live Life...We Gotcha Covered!

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