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Eco Bandage is a Waterproof Antiseptic Colored Liquid Bandage that quickly Seals, Heals & Conceals minor cuts, scrapes, burns and blisters while our antiseptic kills 99.9% of germs.

We are a Non-Toxic, Latex-Free, Zero Waste sticker bandage alternative with no forever chemicals.

Our Sustainable Liquid Bandage comes in Diverse Skin Tones & Vibrant Colors for all active lifestyles in water or on land as well as everyday use at home or in the office. We proudly manufacture in America!

Eco Bandage Antiseptic Colored Liquid Bandage Sand, 0.3 oz Eco Bandage Antiseptic Colored Liquid Bandage Honey, 0.3 oz Eco Bandage Antiseptic Colored Liquid Bandage, Mocha, 0.3 oz Eco Bandage Antiseptic Colored Liquid Bandage Hibiscus, 0.3 oz Eco Bandage Antiseptic Colored Liquid Bandage Ocean, 0.3 oz


A First in First-Aid

Revolutionary New Brush-On Bandage will Seal, Heal and Conceal your wounds quickly. The first Liquid Bandage ever available in Diverse Skin Tones and Vibrant Colors! Waterproof, Non-Toxic and Zero Waste.

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"I wanted to create a colorful brush on bandage that would 'feel just like skin'. Ultimately, we did much more than that! Eco Bandage is a zero waste, ethnically diverse product that works for everyone! It's waterproof, flexible, non-toxic, latex & PFAS free as well as earth & ocean friendly. I believe by making small changes, like choosing Eco Bandage over a sticker bandage, we can reduce the 6 Billion sticker bandages that end up in our landfills and oceans every year. Collectively we can have a positive impact on the health of our planet."

-Kiowa Kavovit, Inventor

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Works amazing! Smooth & comfortable application...lasted all day through numerous hand washes!

Tara W.

Amazing product for anyone with kids, outdoor hobbies, or traveling…as a surgeon who uses derma bond for wound closure this is as close as I can find over the counter!


Couldn't go to work clinically with exposed cuts. Sand colored Eco Bandage did the trick and the wounds are healing quicker than ever while being protected. Awesome Products!

Dr. Brent Harris, DMD